Picture of me enjoying a beer

I'm Mathias—a creative enthusiast with a passion for graphic design and web development. From my early childhood days immersed in crafting PowerPoint presentations of family members, to playing around with software like Photoshop, Inkscape, and Blender during my teenage years, I've honed my interest for design.

At a later age I wanted to make more of my designs, so I ventured into coding to turn my design concepts into interactive experiences. I specialize in utilizing tools like Figma, React, Astro, and various other frontend technologies to create engaging digital interfaces.

Beyond the screen, I find joy in analog photography, savoring music, brewing the perfect cup of coffee, and cherishing moments with friends.

Things I enjoy

I earned my professional bachelor's degree in Web Development back in February 2021. Alongside my studies, I also ventured into freelance work, gaining valuable experience as a frontend developer. Additionally, I gained practical insights through two internships — one at Nuuday and another at Topdanmark, which eventually led to my full-time role as a frontend developer.

If you wan't to know more check out my LinkedIn.